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PRISMS are Africa's most sought after public relations and communication awards and are judged by over 67 judges alongside 10 dynamic young judges, as part of the PRISMS Young Voices initiative.

At the heart of Africa's vibrant creativity, where history intertwines with innovation, public relations practitioners from all spheres take up the communication torch and gather under the banner of "Ink" for this year's PRISMS Award Summit.

Embracing the spirit of our ancestors, we honour and celebrate the sacred tradition of storytelling, the transformative power of the written word and the painting of the right picture.

In our celebration of "Ink," we pay homage to the luminaries of the past whose strokes of genius adorned the canvas of history. From the legendary scribes of ancient civilizations to the Renaissance masters who dared to dream in colour, we draw inspiration from their legacy of artistic expression.

But "Ink" is more than a mere tribute to bygone eras. It is a rallying cry for the modern-day artisans and visionaries of Africa, who harness the unique tapestry of our continent's talent to shape the narratives of tomorrow. In our hands, communication becomes a canvas upon which we paint stories of resilience, diversity, and progress.


Business to Business (B2B)

B2B Diversity & Inclusion Campaign
B2B Education & Training
B2B Products or Services
B2B Publishing, Internal Communications or PR
B2B Publishing - Custom Title
B2B Publishing - Trade Title
Corporate Communications
Crisis Management
Digital Reputation Management (Long-term)
Internal Stakeholder Engagement & Communication
Investor Relations
Thought Leadership Profiling
Reputation & Brand Management (Long-term)

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry
Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle
Consumer PR for an existing product or service
Content Marketing/Brand Journalism
Corporate Communication (Business-to-Consumer)
CRM/Customer Loyalty Campaign
Food & Beverage
Beverage (Alcohol)
Gaming & Virtual Reality
Healthcare & Related Industries
Industrial, Manufacturing & Resources
Launch of a New Product or Service
Professional Services
Property & Construction
Publishing - Consumer Titles
Radio As a Primary Tool
Reputation & Brand Management (Long-term)
Social Media As A Primary Tool
Travel & Tourism
Digital Reputation Management (Long-term)


Arts & Entertainment
Communication Research
Community Relations
Corporate Citizenship
Digital Campaign
Event Management
Influencer Management
Institute Of Higher Learning (Alumni)
Institute Of Higher Learning (Fundraising)
Institute Of Higher Learning (Recruitment)
International Campaign
NGO/NPC Campaign
PR On A Shoe-String Budget
Public Affairs
Public Sector
Video Communication
Visual Communication


The Editor Of The Year
Best Public Relations Student Of The Year
Best Public Relation Intern Of The Year
Best Up And Coming Public Relations Professional
Best Public Relations Professional
Recognition In PR Leadership
Best Up And Coming Agency (SMME: 1-5 people less than three years trading)
Best Small Public Relations Conssultancy (Fewer than 15 people)
Best Large Public Relations Consultancy (40 and more people)
African Network Of The Year